Bureaucrats, Administrators and Chat moderators are volunteers who help maintain Jane the Killer. You'll often find them in blog, forum, and wall discussions, as well as in Chat. Administrators and chat moderators are appointed by TheKorraFanatic as needed.

Administrators are here to help you with non-Staff related questions, so be sure to leave them a note if you need their help!

Bureaucrats Edit

100#.png TheKorraFanatic
TheKorraFanatic is the head bureaucrat at JTK and and contributes daily to the wiki. He enjoys Creepypasta and the Legend of Korra above all else. He is always willing to help if anyone has a probelm.  
Thumb_211b42dd-9e01-4c6f-ba9f-c0e4e1b8f766.png The real JANE THE KILLER
The real JANE THE KILLER is co-head bureaucrat at JTK and if she doesn't respond to your messages, she is most likley reading Creepypasta fanfic or watching Fairy Tail. She is in a romantic relationship with TheKorraFanatic (not that this makes either of them biased on the wiki). 

Messenger Deception

Messenger Deception enjoys editing on her wikis thorughout the day and is very helpful using hex codes and similar stuff. Anyone needing that kind of help should message her wall, she'd be glad to help.

Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory is the resident coding expert. He is an expert in CSS and is currently learning JS. He is also the creator of the JTK chat bot Back Up2. Any coding requests should be directed to Mario.


Chat moderatorsEdit





Another Decaying Corpse mostly spends his time listening to rock music or modding chat like there's no tomorrow. ADC is always willing to listen to everyone user and is always there to extend a hand.

NPSKullcracka The Assassin731

NPSKullcrackaTheAssassin731 enjoys playing Assassin Creed's video games and going on road trips, but if he is alerted of a problem in chat, he is there in an instant to handle it. With his quick sense of humor, he's one of the most humorous mods around. 

Contact themEdit

Need to get into contact with an administrator or chat moderator? They'd be happy to help with whatever you need here on Jane the Killer! To contact them, you can click one of their usernames that you can find earlier in the page, and then click "Message Wall" once on their user profile page to leave them a message. If you have a concern about an administrator or chat moderator, please contact the Community Support Team at Special:Contact/General

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