[10:27] <Chase McFly> Neat
[10:27] <DZyR Haptic> Messy
[10:27] <Chase McFly> Michael, where do yoy live now?
[10:27] <Chase McFly> *You
[10:27] <Chase McFly> Lol
[10:28] <DZyR Haptic> Cambridge
[10:28] <DZyR Haptic> England
[10:28] <Chase McFly> Do you live in a house or an adoption place?
[10:28] <Chase McFly> You don't have to answer if you don't want to
[10:28] <Back Up2> Logging chat is activated.
[10:28] <Chase McFly> Cool
[10:29] <Back Up2> Logging current chat...
[10:29] <Back Up2> Chat logged.
[10:29] <Back Up2> [[Jane the Killer Wiki:Chat/Logs/31 March 2017]] The logs.
[10:30] <Back Up2> Also I gtg.
[10:30] <Chase McFly> Bye
[10:30] <Back Up2> I'll leave my bot here to log everything.
[10:30] <Back Up2> I'm leaving on my main.
[10:31] <Back Up2> Logs update every minute.
[10:31] <DZyR Haptic> ok
[10:31] <Chase McFly> Got it
[10:31] <Chase McFly> Michael, do you like roleplaying?
[10:32] <DZyR Haptic> a lil
[10:33] <Chase McFly> Do you want to do some?
[10:33] <DZyR Haptic> nah, I'm ok thanks. I normally start swearing then I'll get banned
[10:33] <Chase McFly> Oh okay
[10:33] <Chase McFly> Well, what do you want to talk about?
[10:34] <DZyR Haptic> im waiting for my Girlfriend to join
[10:34] <Chase McFly> Oh okay
[10:34] <Chase McFly> It's more likely she'll join if you ask her too
[10:34] <Chase McFly> Why is she your GF?
[10:35] <Chase McFly> Or is she your GF IRL?
[10:35] <DZyR Haptic> yes, irl and online
[10:35] <Chase McFly> Oh okay
[10:35] <Chase McFly> That's nice that you actually know someone on wikia
[10:36] <DZyR Haptic> yeah
[10:36] <Chase McFly> I don't think I know anyone on wikia
[10:36] <DZyR Haptic> I know 7 people irl from fandom
[10:36] <DZyR Haptic> no 8
[10:36] <Chase McFly> What are their usernames?
[10:38] <DZyR Haptic> Poesameron146, Lisa.rosa24, DirtyLouis, Sans the skel, Tomcan121212, Richtoast, Acidburn216 and BarathS15
[10:38] <Chase McFly> Kay
[10:39] <DZyR Haptic> KayKay 
[10:40] <Chase McFly> Lol
[10:41] <DZyR Haptic> Oh and TheTrueFatty
[10:41] <DZyR Haptic> so 9
[10:41] <Chase McFly> K
[10:43] <Chase McFly> Hi
[10:43] <FarmGirl01> hi
[10:43] <FarmGirl01> whats up
[10:44] <Chase McFly> Jiust chatting'
[10:44] <Chase McFly> Do you know what this wiki is about
[10:45] <FarmGirl01> dont remmebre
[10:45] <Chase McFly> It's about a creepypasta called Jane the Killer
[10:46] <FarmGirl01> creepy pasta?
[10:47] <Chase McFly>
[10:49] <Chase McFly> Welcome back
[10:49] <Chase McFly> Wanna play T or D?
[10:50] <FarmGirl01> oh thx that helps me a little
[10:50] <FarmGirl01> hey 
[10:50] <Chase McFly> No problem :) 
[10:51] <FarmGirl01> :D Whatcha wanna do?
[10:54] <DZyR Haptic> In a min, I'm arguing with Mime in the spongebob chat lol
[10:54] <DZyR Haptic> Im gonna get unbanned hopefully ;) 
[10:54] <Chase McFly> Kay
[10:54] <FarmGirl01> lol
[10:54] <Chase McFly> Hope is always with us
[10:54] <FarmGirl01> ikr
[10:55] <Chase McFly> GTG
[10:55] <Chase McFly> Supper
[10:55] <FarmGirl01> k
[11:44] <Weponry12> hello

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