[01:55] <Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory> Hey why did you kick my bot?
[02:04] <Aiko Sakamaki> we didn't idk who did
[02:07] <MatMicMar> Test
[02:08] <MatMicMar> Well, Aiko what's it u wanted to say?
[02:09] <MatMicMar> Hello
[02:10] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> what, fuck face?
[02:10] <MatMicMar> Hey Korra last chance
[02:10] <Aiko Sakamaki> do you know how many people are dead
[02:10] <Aiko Sakamaki> because of what you did on quotev
[02:10] <MatMicMar> Us be friends ( we don't even need to speak ) and I'll stop trolling OR we are enemies and I'll make you miserable forever 
[02:10] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> jane, Amelia, Kanato, Michael
[02:11] <Aiko Sakamaki> 4 people
[02:11] <MatMicMar> Michael was a worthless pos
[02:11] <Aiko Sakamaki> he turned 16 last sunday
[02:11] <Aiko Sakamaki> and now he's dead
[02:11] <Aiko Sakamaki> he has a gf and idk how I'm going to tell her
[02:11] <MatMicMar> U kno what WPOS means? It's Michael
[02:12] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> it means you
[02:12] <MatMicMar> Nah it means Michael is a 
[02:12] <MatMicMar> Worthless
[02:12] <MatMicMar> Peice
[02:12] <MatMicMar> Of
[02:12] <MatMicMar> Shir
[02:12] <MatMicMar> *Shit
[02:13] <Aiko Sakamaki> because of quotev I can't write my books I can't draw that stuff killed something in me
[02:13] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> WANK = worthless piece of shit
[02:13] <MatMicMar> Nah,
[02:13] <MatMicMar> Korra, wanna hear the truth?
[02:13] <MatMicMar> Why I trolled u
[02:13] <Aiko Sakamaki> your the one in a clan your the one that is the reason for 4 people being dead your the one that torment us for no reason
[02:14] <Aiko Sakamaki> you threated me with rape
[02:14] <Aiko Sakamaki> you threated Korra 
[02:14] <MatMicMar> I already said sorry for that but I was ORDERED to do so
[02:15] <Aiko Sakamaki> how did you find our names and you could have lied to him
[02:15] <MatMicMar> Every member of the clan make $550 a day, easy cash
[02:15] <MatMicMar> That's why I did it
[02:15] <Aiko Sakamaki> and that's worst 4 people lives 
[02:15] <MatMicMar> i was broke at the time
[02:16] <Aiko Sakamaki> we begged you to stop
[02:16] <MatMicMar> When? I never got messages
[02:17] <Aiko Sakamaki> we sent them 
[02:17] <Aiko Sakamaki> we had our friends send them
[02:17] <MatMicMar> I promise I never got any.
[02:17] <Aiko Sakamaki> I asked Leo to ask you to stop
[02:18] <Aiko Sakamaki> we asked Daxton to make you stop
[02:19] <MatMicMar> I'm sorry, I never got any. If I did then i WOULD. BUT Psyjames would come to my house and beat me up with his Gaurds/ Really strong body gaurds
[02:19] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> quit the fucking lying
[02:20] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> none of this is true
[02:20] <Aiko Sakamaki> 4 teens are dead my friends I haven't stopped crying since 
[02:20] <Aiko Sakamaki> quotev
[02:20] <MatMicMar> Korra, I promise you. It is
[02:20] <MatMicMar> i swear on my dads grave it is.
[02:21] <Aiko Sakamaki> Wank PM me
[02:21] <MatMicMar> I understand that u have bad times but don't u think I do too?
[02:21] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> quit the lying
[02:22] <Aiko Sakamaki> Wank PM
[02:23] <MatMicMar> KORRA, I swear to god I am not lying. OK. if u want then I'll leave PSY's clan and get hit multiple times by Wrenches just for you ok?
[02:23] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> quit the fanasties. 
[02:23] <Aiko Sakamaki> Korra wait
[02:24] <Aiko Sakamaki> Wank PM
[02:24] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> fine
[02:24] <MatMicMar> Look, I'm gonna leave FOR YOU
[02:24] <Aiko Sakamaki> no I need you to tell something PM me
[02:25] <Aiko Sakamaki> wank I want to talk
[02:25] <Aiko Sakamaki> I need to know things 
[02:25] <MatMicMar> Ok
[02:27] <MatMicMar> Korra, unban me from the demon chat
[02:28] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> STOP TELLING TEIKO YOU HAVE NUDES OF HER!
[02:28] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> STOP CALLING HER YOU LOVE!
[02:28] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> STOP SAYING ALL THAT TO HER!
[02:28] <MatMicMar> Then unban me
[02:29] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> why should I?
[02:29] <CupCakeBabeXX> hi
[02:29] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> i brought the army here!
[02:29] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> ya scared?
[02:30] <MatMicMar> Who are the Second?
[02:30] <MatMicMar> Acc?
[02:30] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> what?
[02:30] <MatMicMar> What ones r ALTS?
[02:30] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> none of them are.
[02:30] <Prettyfennekin22800> <span class="me-username">* <span>Prettyfennekin22800</span></span> makes the place super dark
[02:30] <MatMicMar> Look, Cheyenne. I'll end it if u accept my apology
[02:30] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> That's not my name. 
[02:30] <Prettyfennekin22800> you made two people who he was close with commit suicide
[02:31] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> ^
[02:31] <Prettyfennekin22800> of course I wouldn't commit suicide over words on a screen but others would
[02:31] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> depressed people would
[02:31] <MatMicMar> Pretty, wanna get banned?
[02:31] <Prettyfennekin22800> yeah
[02:31] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Michael and Jane were depressed
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> @korra
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> no @matmicmar
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> besides
[02:32] <Aiko Sakamaki> 4 people 
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> i didn't do anything bad
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> that would make staff want to ban me
[02:32] <Aiko Sakamaki> and wank leave our friends alone 
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> and also my name isnt pretty its
[02:32] <MatMicMar> Didn't you hear about Michael? He was PRONOUNCED DEAD, but later fine in Hospital
[02:32] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Pretty, when Mess gives the call, you can do it here.
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> my name is ember
[02:32] <CupCakeBabeXX> :/ 
[02:32] <Aiko Sakamaki> and Wank we had 20 of your accounts globalled 
[02:32] <Prettyfennekin22800> ^
[02:33] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Mess, give the call?
[02:33] <Prettyfennekin22800> and I've never been globalled once
[02:33] <MatMicMar> I told Haptic 2 join
[02:33] <Teiko14> Why are you even still trying?
[02:33] <Teiko14> You wont win.
[02:33] <Prettyfennekin22800> Jmurph you do realize that staff actually take their reports SERIOUSLY
[02:33] <Prettyfennekin22800> They read it and look into it
[02:33] <Prettyfennekin22800> not read it and take immediate action for no reason
[02:33] <Prettyfennekin22800> i can swear here
[02:33] <Prettyfennekin22800> right?
[02:34] <MatMicMar> FUCK OFF PRETTY
[02:34] <Aiko Sakamaki> and we have the VSTP on our side 
[02:34] <Aiko Sakamaki> Korra PM
[02:34] <Prettyfennekin22800> Im sorry my name isnt pretty its ember
[02:34] <Corpsey98> Where is wank 
[02:34] <Itisthekawaiigirl> <span class="me-username">* <span>Itisthekawaiigirl</span></span> srinks
[02:34] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Hey, Corspey. 
[02:34] <Itisthekawaiigirl> please dont swear
[02:34] <Corpsey98> I wanna beat him 
[02:34] <Corpsey98> Badly 
[02:34] <Itisthekawaiigirl> please
[02:34] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> MatMicMar is him
[02:34] <Teiko14> Shouting curses at us isn't doing shit, mate. 
[02:34] <Prettyfennekin22800> and im one badass girl
[02:34] <DZyR Haptic> FUK OF WANK
[02:34] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Shadow?
[02:34] <Itisthekawaiigirl> <span class="me-username">* <span>Itisthekawaiigirl</span></span> blocks ears
[02:35] <CupCakeBabeXX> <span class="me-username">* <span>CupCakeBabeXX</span></span> hides
[02:35] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> HELL YEAH!
[02:35] <Itisthekawaiigirl> Why did I come here
[02:35] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> HELL NO!
[02:35] <Prettyfennekin22800> why did you do that
[02:35] <DZyR Haptic> 1 sec
[02:35] <Aiko Sakamaki> I'm talking to him
[02:35] <Corpsey98> Me too
[02:35] <Corpsey98> I was giving him a lecture
[02:35] <Prettyfennekin22800> im going to the Ember OC wiki
[02:35] <Prettyfennekin22800> anyone coming?
[02:35] <Itisthekawaiigirl> :/ 
[02:35] <Teiko14> is he gone yet...?
[02:35] <Aiko Sakamaki> someone I''m friends with on quotev give him orders I need to know who 
[02:36] <Teiko14> whats WANK's quotev account?
[02:36] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> sure, Ember, 
[02:36] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> WANK @pastelbronx
[02:36] <Prettyfennekin22800> go there and bring your alts
[02:36] <Prettyfennekin22800> ill set up its chat
[02:36] <DZyR Haptic> Hello
[02:37] <Prettyfennekin22800> as it doesnt seem to be set up yet
[02:37] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> okay
[02:37] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Hello, shadow. or should I say not shadow.
[02:37] <Prettyfennekin22800>
[02:37] <Corpsey98> He is on the other wiki now 
[02:37] <DZyR Haptic> Nah, I'm ok for the moment
[02:37] <Aiko Sakamaki> what wiki
[02:38] <DZyR Haptic> I shot myself twice and had a knife cut from top to bottom of my leg
[02:38] <Itisthekawaiigirl> ............
[02:38] <Corpsey98> Is he wank 
[02:38] <Aiko Sakamaki> how are you alive
[02:38] <Corpsey98> ?
[02:38] <Itisthekawaiigirl> im leaving
[02:38] <Aiko Sakamaki> stay
[02:38] <Corpsey98> Or is he a fake 
[02:38] <DZyR Haptic> I was somehow revived or some stuff like that
[02:38] <DZyR Haptic> Corpsey, I'm Korra's Abest Friend
[02:39] <Aiko Sakamaki> how do we know this is Shadow and not Wank hacking into another account
[02:39] <Corpsey98> Korra told me shadow died
[02:39] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> he did
[02:40] <Corpsey98> Sorry meant messager
[02:40] <Teiko14> so its not him
[02:40] <Corpsey98> no Shadow is dead
[02:40] <Corpsey98> That's what messager said 
[02:40] <Aiko Sakamaki> I never thought I'll say this but I need wank to come abck
[02:40] <Corpsey98> Wank I swear to god 
[02:41] <Corpsey98> We know your not shadow
[02:41] <Aiko Sakamaki> there's a way I can know if it's him
[02:41] <DZyR Haptic> Go ahead
[02:42] <Aiko Sakamaki> PM
[02:42] <DZyR Haptic> Im Michael Haptic, 16 years old, no family. Ryan died 2 days ago. I have a YouTube channel called HaptiicPlayz
[02:42] <Aiko Sakamaki> look at the PM I sent you
[02:43] <Corpsey98> Your his brother
[02:43] <Corpsey98> Then
[02:43] <Aiko Sakamaki> no his brother is dead
[02:43] <DZyR Haptic> My family is dead
[02:43] <Aiko Sakamaki> it's shadow
[02:44] <Corpsey98> Well yes but he was your brother And I am sory 
[02:44] <Corpsey98> So wank made your brother mm
[02:44] <Corpsey98> Ummm
[02:44] <DZyR Haptic> Mess, I have a firewall, how can I be hacked?
[02:44] <Aiko Sakamaki> odk
[02:44] <Aiko Sakamaki> Idk*
[02:45] <Aiko Sakamaki> why Shadow why would you do that to us to Poe 
[02:45] <Corpsey98> Wank is the reason he is dead 
[02:45] <DZyR Haptic> I didn't do it as a prank, it was a real thing
[02:46] <Aiko Sakamaki> I know but why did you do it 
[02:46] <Corpsey98> He should be facing a court 
[02:46] <DZyR Haptic> It really happened. I am so lucky I'm alive r n
[02:46] <Aiko Sakamaki> Corpsey this is the real Shadow
[02:46] <Corpsey98> But I thought he died
[02:46] <Aiko Sakamaki> he prove it inPM
[02:46] <CupCakeBabeXX> gtg
[02:46] <Corpsey98> I am confused
[02:46] <Corpsey98> Messager told me he dies
[02:46] <Corpsey98> Died
[02:47] <Aiko Sakamaki> he tried to kill himself it didn't work they were about to save him 
[02:47] <Aiko Sakamaki> I am Messenger this is my another account 
[02:47] <DZyR Haptic> I'm lucky, I just wanted to join my family
[02:47] <Corpsey98> Oh olah lol
[02:47] <Corpsey98> 
[02:47] <Corpsey98> Okay
[02:47] <Corpsey98> So wank almost made you kill yourself shadow
[02:48] <DZyR Haptic> No
[02:48] <Aiko Sakamaki> I thought that was why because of your last words 
[02:48] <Aiko Sakamaki> "stop Jmurph"
[02:50] <Aiko Sakamaki> I hate being nice Wank told me something in PM that made me feel sort of bad for him
[02:51] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> what?
[02:51] <DZyR Haptic> What's? 
[02:51] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> pm
[02:53] <Aiko Sakamaki> he said he is in a clan the person who gives orders made him bully us. he said he felt bad for what happen on quotev and I asked about why he threated to rape me he said that guy made him that he said no at first and he killed his dad (this guy knows me on qutev some how Wank was trying to help me find out how) and that he sent the threat after that guy killed his dad 
[02:53] <DZyR Haptic> I fell bad. Teiko thinks I am WANK ;( 
[02:53] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> i think WANK made it up, Mess.
[02:54] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> that story doesn't sound true
[02:54] <Aiko Sakamaki> and that since then he's said no to lot of things that he was told to do to us and he was hurt because of it 
[02:54] <Aiko Sakamaki> Korra I can tell he was telling the truth 
[02:54] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> i don't believe it mess.
[02:54] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> it sounds fake
[02:55] <Aiko Sakamaki> I tried everything to make him slip up but he didn't I've made him slip up before 
[02:55] <DZyR Haptic> That seems trippy
[02:55] <Itisthekawaiigirl> oh gosh
[02:55] <Itisthekawaiigirl> Wank threatened to do that
[02:55] <Itisthekawaiigirl> how would he even get that
[02:55] <Natsushot> WANK
[02:55] <Natsushot> YOU BETTER BE HERE
[02:55] <Itisthekawaiigirl> hes not here
[02:55] <Natsushot> o
[02:56] <Natsushot> WHERE IS HE OMG
[02:56] <DZyR Haptic> Korra, what is Teiko's irl name?
[02:56] <Aiko Sakamaki> no
[02:56] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> not telling
[02:56] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> don't ask
[02:56] <Natsushot> oh
[02:56] <Natsushot> DZyR ...
[02:56] <DZyR Haptic> Well, looks like I'm getting called WANK by her now forever :( 
[02:56] <Natsushot> ..
[02:56] <Natsushot> nvm
[02:56] <Teiko14> well we're all pretty stressed right now, we aren't taking chances
[02:57] <Aiko Sakamaki> it's not wank
[02:57] <Teiko14> and I'm sorry but if, like Korra, you read what he sent me, youd be just as stressed as i was
[02:57] <Aiko Sakamaki> remember how we were going to make sure it was us using our accounts 
[02:57] <Teiko14> I'm not trying to be mean
[02:57] <Teiko14> im just scared,
[02:58] <Corpsey98> Wait teiko
[02:58] <Teiko14> is that really that wrong of me?
[02:58] <Aiko Sakamaki> well Shadow and I had the same this is Shadow
[02:58] <Corpsey98> Teiko question
[02:58] <Aiko Sakamaki> no it's not wrong of you
[02:59] <Corpsey98> Teiko I have a question
[02:59] <Corpsey98> For you
[02:59] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> mess, come here
[02:59] <Aiko Sakamaki> wait
[02:59] <DZyR Haptic> Where's Cheyenne?
[02:59] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> I am here
[02:59] <Corpsey98> Can I ask you the auwyuoon 
[02:59] <Teiko14> what is it?
[02:59] <Corpsey98> How would wank do that 
[02:59] <Teiko14> do what?
[03:00] <Aiko Sakamaki> wait
[03:00] <DZyR Haptic> BE A DICK TO YOU
[03:00] <Teiko14> ???
[03:00] <Itisthekawaiigirl> ughhhhhhhhh
[03:01] <Teiko14> im severely confused
[03:01] <Aiko Sakamaki> Teiko I thought you disabled that account
[03:01] <Teiko14> i did
[03:01] <Aiko Sakamaki> last night
[03:01] <Corpsey98> Teiko
[03:01] <Teiko14> but i re-enabled it today
[03:01] <Aiko Sakamaki> then why are you using it 
[03:01] <Teiko14> to fight WANK
[03:01] <Corpsey98> How would he get noods of you?
[03:01] <Aiko Sakamaki> it was hacked 
[03:01] <Teiko14> sorry, i'll disable it again...
[03:01] <Teiko14> he didn't have any
[03:01] <Teiko14> he was lying
[03:01] <Corpsey98> Oh okay
[03:01] <Teiko14> but still, best not take chances
[03:01] <Corpsey98> But if he did 
[03:02] <Corpsey98> How would he have gotten them it would be almost impossible
[03:02] <Natsushot> So, wank is here is he?
[03:02] <Natsushot> I wonder who..
[03:02] <Teiko14> he didn't, because there are no existing photos of me
[03:02] <Corpsey98> That's good
[03:02] <Corpsey98> I am wank 
[03:02] <Corpsey98> Dundundum
[03:02] <Corpsey98> Jk
[03:03] <Teiko14> wow
[03:03] <Corpsey98> I am way to charming and good looking to be wank 
[03:03] <Aiko Sakamaki> wait
[03:03] <Aiko Sakamaki> shadow ]
[03:04] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> i don't think WANK came tonight
[03:04] <Aiko Sakamaki> neither do I
[03:04] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> i think a pissed-off Shadow did
[03:04] <Aiko Sakamaki> I think we were trick
[03:04] <Aiko Sakamaki> tricked*
[03:04] <Corpsey98> What I am confused
[03:04] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> and decided to prank us by saying he was WANK tonight
[03:05] <Corpsey98> I am confused 
[03:05] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> if this was WANK, then why was the real WANK also writing me?
[03:05] <Corpsey98> Shadows is here though
[03:05] <Aiko Sakamaki> he lied 
[03:05] <Aiko Sakamaki> wank was never here
[03:05] <Aiko Sakamaki> he was too nice
[03:05] <Itisthekawaiigirl> SHADOWS NOT DEAD?
[03:05] <Aiko Sakamaki> no
[03:05] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> We had a fight today
[03:05] <Corpsey98> I thought dz 
[03:05] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> and shadow left
[03:05] <Corpsey98> Was shadow 
[03:06] <DZyR Haptic> I SWEAR IT WASNT ME
[03:06] <Corpsey98> I thought dz waa shadow 
[03:06] <Itisthekawaiigirl> <span class="me-username">* <span>Itisthekawaiigirl</span></span> collapases from anxiety
[03:06] <Aiko Sakamaki> I think those two other people who was talking to us was him too
[03:06] <Aiko Sakamaki> the one that told us he was dead 
[03:06] <Teiko14> well, im going to leave here, seeing that SOMEONE doesn't want to accept that im scared of a strong asf bastard
[03:06] <Corpsey98> Don't look at me I only do that to my friend once
[03:07] <Teiko14> and thinks im just being the bitch for fun!
[03:07] <Corpsey98> Or twice 
[03:07] <Teiko14> so sorry korra, but i don't think i'll be coming back.
[03:07] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> NO
[03:07] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> STAY
[03:07] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> We are only looking at all sides. 
[03:07] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> I want to believe you
[03:08] <Corpsey98> Same
[03:08] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> but we have questions
[03:08] <Aiko Sakamaki> what are you talking about Corpsey 
[03:08] <Corpsey98> I believe him
[03:08] <Aiko Sakamaki> don't
[03:08] <Aiko Sakamaki> we know Shadow 
[03:08] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> if you were not pranking us as WANK tonight, why did you want Teiko's real name?
[03:10] <Corpsey98> Why would he prankk us
[03:10] <Corpsey98> He has no motive
[03:10] <Aiko Sakamaki> and the way wank said that Shadow wasn't dead that he was at the hospital alive
[03:10] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> me and him had a fight today
[03:10] <Corpsey98> So
[03:10] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> ^
[03:10] <Aiko Sakamaki> and he was kicked 
[03:11] <DZyR Haptic> Ask her urself
[03:11] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> it joined
[03:12] <Aiko Sakamaki> and the way Wank knew your name
[03:12] <Aiko Sakamaki> he doesn't but Shadow does
[03:12] <DZyR Haptic> I dunno how WANK knew I was alive, THAT CREEPY AF
[03:13] <Aiko Sakamaki> Shadow I cried so hard my head hurts so bad right now because of how much I cried 
[03:14] <Aiko Sakamaki> and that didn't talk let Wank
[03:14] <DZyR Haptic> Look, I'm here ALIVE right now. As far as I'm concerned. I wanna stop wank. He is a stupid cunt who has no life.
[03:14] <Corpsey98> Same
[03:14] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> please don't say cunt
[03:14] <Corpsey98> And shad pm
[03:14] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> that word triggers me
[03:15] <Aiko Sakamaki> Wank was too nice Wank is never nice
[03:15] <Corpsey98> And yeah I hate that word
[03:15] <Aiko Sakamaki> but Shadow wouldn't be too mean to us
[03:16] <DZyR Haptic> I'd cuss of its neccasary 
[03:16] <DZyR Haptic> Mess what you mean is "Shadow would never be mean to us".
[03:16] <Aiko Sakamaki> and the way Wank talked about the rape threat it was too off for someone saying sorry for a rape threat
[03:17] <DZyR Haptic> What, he tried to say sorry? XD as if he meant it
[03:18] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Shadow would never be mean to us. Dude, i am sorry. can you blame us if we have some questions.
[03:18] <DZyR Haptic> Where's Mess?
[03:18] <Aiko Sakamaki> this is Mess
[03:19] <DZyR Haptic> @Korra no
[03:19] <DZyR Haptic> @Aiko hi
[03:19] <Aiko Sakamaki> wait you knew this was me 
[03:19] <Aiko Sakamaki> in PM you knew
[03:20] <DZyR Haptic> Never saw u in side chat
[03:20] <DZyR Haptic> side bar thing
[03:20] <Aiko Sakamaki> when I asked about quotev
[03:20] <Aiko Sakamaki> you knew
[03:20] <DZyR Haptic> i refreshed
[03:20] <DZyR Haptic> + I forgot 
[03:20] <DZyR Haptic> <span class="me-username">* <span>DZyR Haptic</span></span> has bad memory now
[03:21] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> lol
[03:22] <DZyR Haptic> i think this accident was a mistake
[03:22] <Aiko Sakamaki> how are we going to tell people your alive
[03:22] <Corpsey98> Shadow om
[03:22] <Corpsey98> Pm
[03:22] <DZyR Haptic> i don't know
[03:23] <Aiko Sakamaki> and Wank said he didn't get a message we were talking in PM when I was banned 
[03:23] <DZyR Haptic> From what?
[03:23] <Aiko Sakamaki> quotev
[03:23] <Aiko Sakamaki> I was begging him to leave us alone
[03:24] <DZyR Haptic> really? Wow, he HAS to be lying 
[03:24] <DZyR Haptic> u wonder why I joined, saw him BAM infinite ban
[03:25] <Aiko Sakamaki> Shadow I will forgive you if you just say it I'm not mad or anything I care to much about you to be mad 
[03:25] <Aiko Sakamaki> and he knew I called you Shadow
[03:26] <Aiko Sakamaki> so did the other two guys that was talking to us and they had a link to Demon light 
[03:26] <Aiko Sakamaki> a wiki only our friends know about 
[03:27] <DZyR Haptic> I told KJ, StrafeArmy, Zombies, Drove, Quove, Alf13, FM and SeanSmithisapro to join and sent them links
[03:27] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> shadow, i believe you
[03:27] <DZyR Haptic> that was yesterday Morning
[03:27] <Aiko Sakamaki> Shadow your my brother I love you when I heard what happen it felt like someone tore out my heart 
[03:28] <Aiko Sakamaki> your my brother
[03:28] <Aiko Sakamaki> and I thought you were gone
[03:28] <Corpsey98> I believe you shadow.
[03:28] <Corpsey98> Also pm
[03:28] <Aiko Sakamaki> that I wasn't there to help you when you needed it the most
[03:28] <DZyR Haptic> Mess, as I said before I banned this account ( I unbanned it ; p ) I said no matter what, I love you too. I would NEVER make you guys feel bad on purpose
[03:29] <Aiko Sakamaki> I believe you
[03:29] <DZyR Haptic> @Corpsey I am gonna stay in big chat
[03:29] <Corpsey98> Okay sorry shad
[03:30] <DZyR Haptic> It's ok
[03:30] <Aiko Sakamaki> something is wrong about all of this 
[03:30] <DZyR Haptic> What? 
[03:30] <Aiko Sakamaki> about Wank something not ringing true 
[03:31] <DZyR Haptic> What's that?
[03:31] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> everything WANK said/
[03:31] <Aiko Sakamaki> everything 
[03:31] <Aiko Sakamaki> the way he acted
[03:31] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> i think WANK made it all up.
[03:31] <Aiko Sakamaki> he would have went nuts 
[03:32] <Aiko Sakamaki> I don't think it was Wank
[03:32] <DZyR Haptic> one of his friends?
[03:32] <Aiko Sakamaki> No not one of them
[03:32] <DZyR Haptic> i swear down, this must have happened when I was in Hospital and Ambulance 
[03:32] <DZyR Haptic> @Mess what do u mean?
[03:33] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> one way I know it's not WANK is he didn't say S**t s**t f**k c**t
[03:33] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> he always says that
[03:33] <Aiko Sakamaki> I think it was someone one wikia
[03:33] <DZyR Haptic> i k r. He always says it in the Threads
[03:33] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> excatly
[03:34] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> he said it on qutoev too
[03:34] <Aiko Sakamaki> guys when I first came to this chat a few hours ago I was kicked by Brawl
[03:34] <DZyR Haptic> hmm, I'm confused too. I may not have been there but I can try to help ok?
[03:35] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> I feel bad
[03:35] <Aiko Sakamaki> what do you mean Shadow
[03:36] <Corpsey98> What did he say?
[03:36] <Aiko Sakamaki> what did he say
[03:36] <Corpsey98> Jyx
[03:36] <Aiko Sakamaki> lol
[03:37] <Aiko Sakamaki> guys one sec
[03:37] <DZyR Haptic> He kept calling me an idiot in main chat and in PM he called me a stupid idiot who has no life. That's what pissed me off
[03:38] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> mess and i figured out something
[03:38] <DZyR Haptic> Yes? What's that?
[03:39] <Aiko Sakamaki> hold one
[03:39] <Aiko Sakamaki> on*
[03:39] <Aiko Sakamaki> 
[03:39] <Aiko Sakamaki> 
[03:40] <DZyR Haptic> Ok
[03:41] <DZyR Haptic> hi mess
[03:43] <Aiko Sakamaki> I died
[03:44] <DZyR Haptic> I almost did
[03:45] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Shadow
[03:45] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> I am sorry we accused you
[03:45] <DZyR Haptic> yes
[03:45] <DZyR Haptic> its ok, I understand
[03:45] <Aiko Sakamaki> <span class="me-username">* <span>Aiko Sakamaki</span></span> hugs
[03:45] <DZyR Haptic> <span class="me-username">* <span>DZyR Haptic</span></span> hugs
[03:46] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> <span class="me-username">* <span>Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2</span></span> hugs as well
[03:46] <Messenger misses family friends and quotev> <span class="me-username">* <span>Messenger misses family friends and quotev</span></span> hugs
[03:46] <DZyR Haptic> <span class="me-username">* <span>DZyR Haptic</span></span> group hugs 
[03:48] <DZyR Haptic> People die n join
[03:50] <DZyR Haptic> nooooo
[03:58] <HotLesbianChick> where is Korra?!
[04:07] <HotLesbianChick> hes not here still...
[04:07] <Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory> Yep?
[04:07] <HotLesbianChick> where is korra?
[04:07] <HotLesbianChick> I cant find him...
[04:07] <HotLesbianChick> did he leave?
[04:08] <Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory> Ugh I'm so nonfunctional right now.
[04:08] <Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory> I said "Yep?"
[04:08] <Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory> Idk where Korra is,
[04:08] <HotLesbianChick> ;-;
[04:10] <HotLesbianChick> ;-;
[05:09] <Decepticon Brawl> hi back
[05:17] <DZyR Haptic> Help, I'm banned from that Demons light wiki.
[05:17] <DZyR Haptic> Brawl did it of 6 months
[06:57] <Silverstar316> hello?
[06:57] <Mirski13> Hello, Silver.
[06:57] <Silverstar316> hi
[06:57] <Silverstar316> where'd korra go
[06:58] <Mirski13> He is in Central Community Chat.
[06:59] <Silverstar316> ok
[06:59] <Silverstar316> thanks
[06:59] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> i am here
[07:18] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> silverstar?
[07:59] <Silverstar316> korra
[07:59] <Silverstar316> i'm here
[07:59] <Silverstar316> i'm sorry
[07:59] <Silverstar316> i......
[08:12] <Korra Misses JANE the Killer 2> Hello, Mirski
[08:13] <Mirski13> Hello, Korra.

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