Jeff the Killer (real name Jeffery Woods) is Jane the Killer's main enemy and the antagonist in the The Jane The Killer Story. Jeff the Killer was once a normal teen until one day some bullies targeted him and his brother Liu Woods (later Homicidal Liu). Jeff took a knife from one of them and stabbed them all several times, in defense of his younger brother, who the bullies were trying to harm. After a later encounter with these bullies ended up with Jeff being dowsed in bleach and caught on fire, Jeff lost his already evaporating sanity and became a creepypasta, carving a smile into his face and burning his eyelids off, believing he had reached true beauty. More can be read about Jeff at


Jeff the Killer has long black hair, bleached pasty white skin, a carved-in bloody smile stretching from one end of his face to another and has burnt out lidless eyes.