In Memory of JANE the Killer @liveisfadded.

I didn't think it was possible to find someone who loved Jane the Killer as much as I did, but I did. What a coindence that her name was Jane as well. Jane was a lovey and great person who was broken inside, but was slowly forming back together because of our love. I miss her everyday. I remember her distant and shy at first, but then as time went on, she got more open to me and we shared everything with each other. Jane loved the Fairy Tail anime and anything to do with manga. Her favorite song was "Cups" by Anna Kendrick. Jane was such a lovely person and a great GF. I hate that a cyber-bully forever forced us apart. I hope to find her, but as time goes on, I know deep-down I won't. As I make this wiki about our favorite pasta, I'll always be thinking of you Jane

To Jane,

Hi, I am DZyR Haptic and a great friend of Korra's. I just wanna say that Korra really misses you. He has told me that he will never find you again but I say he will. If you see this then please join. If you hate Korra now then join the chat, join the chat and say Hello to Korra for me.

From DZyR Haptic ( aka Michael Haptic )

UPDATE: JANE the killer @liveisfadded has been found and her and I (Korra, the runner of this wiki) are back together, so even though it stay here, this remembrance is no longer needed. :) 


In Memory of The Haptic Family.

This is in honor of Lucy, James, and Jack Haptic. They were all very good people who were taken away too qucik in life. Lucy and James were good parents to thier sons Michael and Jack and Jack was a good brother to Michael. I know you are all in heaven and I want you to know I am a great friend of Micheal's and that he misses you all very much and thinks about each and everyone one of you everyday.

From Korra.

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