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She sat in the thickly packed forest, clutching her hands close to her chest, the fog from the nearby lake rising

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up and covering everything under a blanket of white. She was tried of fighting and life and couldn't take it anymore. She leaned up against the tree, only a few inches of space separating them. She signed and closed her eyes, wiping tears from her face. Then she heard some rustling in the bushes next to her and opened her eyes. She could see a pair of blood-stained Nike shoes in front of her and her gaze traveled up a pair of black trenchers and a white, oddly stained shirt. Then she saw the person's face and jumped at the horrid sight. The boy had a carved-in twisted smile drenching blood and his eyes were burned out and pupiless with a crazed wild animal look in them. His hair was long and solid black and he had a blood-stained rusted knife in his hand.

"Dear god, who are you?" She said with fear clear in her voice. "I am the one who will make you beautiful." He said in a hushed tone, like one would sing a lullaby in. She quickly got up and back up against the tree. "Look, I don't know what that means, but I have no money if you plan on robbing me." She said. He smiled at that. "I have no need for money anyway. True beauty is all I desire." "Wtf does that mean?" She asked, her voice shaking. "It means GO. TO. SLEEP." The boy said as he rushed her with his knife lifted up. She managed to dodge as he swiped at her. He gave a frustrated growl and charged her, body-slamming her against the tree and slashing her arm with the knife in the process. She cried in pain and fell to the ground. He put his finger to his mouth and whispered in a sing-song tone "GO.TO.SLEEP." He then brought his knife down and began to carve a smile into her face. She let out a loud scream and her vision went black.

Later, the boy left the scene with the girl dead and GO. TO. SLEEP. carved into the tree with blood dripping down from the words. Jeff the Killer had claimed his latest victim.